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What is on-demand printing?

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“CoolWorld.shop” is an e-commerce shop that operates online services that print original products on demand and ship them to Japan and around the world by dropshipping in a business alliance with a company called "Printful" headquartered in the United States.

1)Use industry-leading equipment:

The first feature of "Printful" is that it uses equipment equipped with the industry's latest technology. In particular, we have invested more than 5 billion yen in printing equipment, and we can feel that we are serious about facing "high-quality finishes".

2)Consideration not only for quality but also for the environment:

One of Printful's major goals is to achieve both quality and environmental friendliness. To achieve this goal, Printful uses state-of-the-art equipment. Specifically, we are actively incorporating inkjet prints provided by companies used by more than 1,000 customers around the world, embroidery equipment for hats, and ink and printers for apparel products.

3)Excellent technology for a wide range of machining:

In addition to inkjet printing, embroidery processing, engraving processing, sublimation printing, UV printing, canvas printing, etc., we can handle a wide range of processing! Even one ink uses non-toxic and non-dangerous products based on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in the United States. In addition, embroidery is also compatible with both 2D and 3D, as well as partially applying 3D embroidery, and the technology used is also wonderful.

4)Ships after three quality checks:

All products are shipped after three quality checks. The first step is to use automated software prior to manufacturing to verify the quality of the submitted designs. Then, before printing, use artificial intelligence to determine if the image needs to be modified.

4)「Printful 」also pay attention to packing for the consumer:

The second feature of Printful is that also careful about packing. In addition to product procurement, we can respond one-stop from manufacturing to packaging, so you can hope for uniform quality.

"CoolWorld.shop" is located between the "Printful" system mentioned above and the customer, and is the point of contact between Printful and the customer. And we make products that satisfy our customers, and we provide various services for that purpose.

In this shop, not only original products created by this shop, but also products designed by customers themselves will be ordered on behalf of customers.

 Overview of our services

Products available include T-shirts, leggings, beach towels, telephone cases, dresses, skirts, mugs, long-sleeved shirts, crop tops, hats, laptop covers, etc.

The fabric brand also incorporates styles from popular brands such as American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Gildan, Haines, Next Level and Augusta Sportswear.

 CoolWorld.shop is an on-demand service that gives you access to everything you need to sell custom items and accessories online.

You can use the mockup generator to apply your design to everything from phone cases to hats and T-shirts.

Coolworld.shop works with Printful to deliver items directly to customers with an attractive dropshipping scheme.


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 What is on-demand printing?

In contrast to the usual printing method, which is produced in large quantities before a product is sold, on-demand printing refers to a service that is manufactured only when a product is sold in a make-to-order manner.